Jumpstart with your new Kindle

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Two weeks ago I got my new Kindle 4. Since this time I made good progress to know more about this device.

Here are some tipps'n tricks I share with you to get started.

Did you know there are about 6000 ebooks in german languange available for free from amazon? It's amaz(on)ing!

You can convert not so complex PDF files to mobi-format with the great open source tool calibre. By the way there is a plugin available for DRM removal...

If you made a bargain and now want to get rid of the advertising, just block adpublisher.s3.amazonaws.com in your router and delete all content in the folder system/.assets on the kindle. There is even a possibility to put your own "adverts" on the device. I tried joelisester solution for this but was not so successfull (you have to setup a php webserver).


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